School Events

School Event Planner

Leisure Lanes would love to see your event run as smoothly as possible. Here are a few things you can do to make your day a lot more enjoyable and organized.

  1. Make sure everyone knows their shoe size ahead of time, as this will save a lot of time at the counter before you start.
  2. Let everyone know that your booking time is when you want to start bowling, so they should show up just a bit earlier to get shoes on and pick out a ball. (This means you, the organizer, should show up 15 min. early and we can get you to your lanes right away).
  3. Please EMAIL US YOUR Teams and Lanes, ( and fill out each lane with 4 or 5 bowler’s names. (Depending on how many bowlers you choose to have per lane.) If you would like us to enter your names before you arrive. (The day before would be great.)
  4. FOR THE SCHOOLS: We would love to have rental shoes that were made exactly to those little feet, but unfortunately the sizing can be a little bit off. Let your students know that they may not fit perfect and they can exchange them if they need to but if they are close, it is probably as good as they can get.(this is the part of your bowling time that is most wasted trying on 4 or 5 pairs of shoes to get the perfect fit while everyone else waits for one person.)
  5. Before you start we like to go over a few rules with the students to let them have some knowledge of what we expect of them.
    1. Do not go over the foul line for any reason!
    2. Only one person on the wood floor (approach) at a time.
    3. All bowling balls that have been selected off of our house racks will be shared by all.
    4. We do not tolerate balls hitting the machines.
    5. For any problems that you may have, please hit the “Video Intercom” button to call us for help.

Schools Arriving by Bus:

  • When you get to the bowling center, please let your organizer off the bus at the entrance doors and then go to the back doors. Students will remain on the bus until the organizer returns.
  • When entering the bowling center, have your students remove their shoes or boots at the back wall by the lockers.